The Team Specific Series (TSS) ensures guaranteed tickets for you and your guests to see your pick of the exhilarating match featuring your chosen team. Be there to cheer them on during every step of their 2018 FIFA World Cup™ journey.

  • Team Specific Series 1 (TSS1)

    Choose to watch either the first, second or third Group Match your team will be playing.


  • Team Specific Series 3 (TSS3)

    Guaranteed ticket to watch all three of your team's Group Matches.


  • Team Specific Series 4 (TSS4)

    See your team play in all three Group Matches, as well as their potential Round of 16 match. Should your team fail to qualify for the Round of 16, you will receive hospitality packages for the Round of 16 match in Moscow OR Spartak stadiums, the venue to be determined by MATCH Hospitality and communicated at a later date.


  • Team Specific Series 5 (TSS5)

    Follow your team through all potential matches up to and including the Quarter-final. TSS5 includes all three Group Matches, a Round of 16 and a Quarter-final match. Should your team be eliminated prior to the Round of 16 or the Quarter-final, you will receive hospitality packages for a default Round of 16 match in Moscow’s Luzhniki OR Spartak stadiums (the venue will be determined by MATCH Hospitality and communicated at a later date) and/or the Quarter-final match in Sochi.


  • The Team Specific Series is available in Tsarsky Lounge*, MATCH Private Suite**, MATCH Business SeatMATCH Pavilion and MATCH Club hospitality products.  

    *Tsarsky Lounge is only available in TSS1 for the 1st or 2nd Group Match to follow Team Russia.
    **MATCH Private Suite is only available in TSS1 and TSS3. All MATCH Private Suites allocated to TSS will be sold at 18 seats per suite:
  • If a suite of more than 18 seats is allocated for any match, the customer will have the option to purchase the additional seats at half price; and
  • If one of the group games is at the Spartak Stadium, then MATCH Hospitality reserves the right to substitute the suite with MATCH Business Seats, with a proportionate refund payable to the client
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