Booking and payments

Booking and payments

Q: How do we make bookings for flights?

A: Flights may be purchased in conjunction with your Hospitality Package via the webshop or alternatively by contacting our Customer Service Team –

Q: Who do I speak to about flight bookings?

A: All flight related queries may be addressed to our Customer Service Team -

Q: I want to request seats on other airlines – can you offer these?

A: At this time we are only able to assist with seats on our partner airlines. Please note that we may be offering a wider selection of flight options in future.

Q: Can I amend my booking?

A: Subject to availability it may be possible to make certain booking amendments without incurring an administration fee as follows:

(i) for all Scheduled Flights provided by Qatar Airlines by no less than 90 calendar days before the original time of departure of Your Scheduled Flight; or   

(ii) for all Scheduled Flights provided by other airlines by no less than 140 calendar days before the original time of departure of your Scheduled Flight;  

each being a “Cut Off Date”.

Requests received after this time will be bound by the airline’s terms and conditions and any related fees. For more details please refer to the FIFA World Cup Qatar™ Scheduled Flight Webshop Sales Regulations, and for any other assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team at

Q: Are our fares going to be the cheapest in the market?

A: We are not able to guarantee that our fares will be the most competitive. However, we are able to offer flights for 2022 which we do not believe will be available to purchase elsewhere until at least 12 months prior to the FIFA World Cup 2022™.

Q: Will there be specific terms and conditions relating to flight bookings?

A: Yes, these will be available on our website along with the various airline’s terms and conditions.

Q: I need to make flight bookings for people who are wheelchair bound/have reduced mobility. Can this be accommodated?

A: Yes all airlines will accept a number of wheelchair users and passengers with reduced mobility on board, however it is imperative that these customers discuss their specific needs when making their bookings so we can make sure that all necessary arrangements are made with the airline. Requests can be sent to our Customer Services Team - quoting the booking reference in the subject line.

Q: The quote I have received for a large group is more expensive that the fares advertised, why?

A: MATCH Hospitality has negotiated special fares for a certain number of seats. These are likely to be the lowest available on that flight. Any seats outside of this allocation will be sold at a higher fare as is the customary approach for all airlines.

Q: What about last-minute changes when teams qualify beyond the Group Stages?

A: During the tournament, MATCH Hospitality will have a full support team to assist customers with any last-minute flight changes. Please note that all flight tickets at this stage will be bound by the airline’s terms and conditions and therefore, whilst changes to return flights may be made subject to availability, charges will apply.