Offline Payment Information

Offline Payment Information

Q. How can I pay for my hospitality packages if I download and submit a completed Request Form?

Products purchased offline must be paid for with a valid payment card in the due date. Visa is accepted. American Express cards are accepted upon request. FIFA prefers Visa.  Any payment, currency conversion, currency exchange control, credit card charge or other charges incurred in connection with any payment obligation outlined in Section 6 of the Hospitality Sales Regulations, will be the sole responsibility of the customer in addition to the price of the hospitality packages.

Please visit your online Account where you can see your Orders and manage Pending Payments in the corresponding section and find credit card links for the next instalments.

Please keep the IBAN number in all bank transfers

Kindly note that incoming bank transfers without IBAN will be rejected without notifying us. The funds will be sent back to the sender’s bank account.  Please ensure to include the SWIFT details, and also send a copy of the wire transfer once processed at

Please ensure that you reference your order number in the description. Additionally, please note all bank charges, payment charges, currency conversion charges, currency exchange control charges, credit card charges and any other charges incurred in connection with any payment obligation on the part of the Customer will (to the extent permitted by applicable law) be the sole responsibility of, and be borne by, the Customer.



Q. Why was my purchase unsuccessful?

The reason for this could include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • The payment window/browser closed before payment could be successfully processed
  • The answer from the payment provider has taken too long and the session is lost
  • The payment failed or is rejected by the payment provider
  • The bank declined to authorise payment for various reasons such as the value of the transaction
  • The payment card is not 3D secure and/or enabled for online payment
  • The payment card type used is not a VISA
  • The firewalls and/ or VPN connections may block the payment portal due to company IT policies


Should you wish to process your Hospitality Packages order offline, kindly:

  1. Download* and complete the Request Form with your personal details.
  2. Indicate which hospitality package(s) you would like to purchase as well as the quantity.
  3. Physically sign the Request Form and return a scanned copy of the Request Form to Please be kindly advised that electronic signatures are not accepted. By returning the signed Request Form, you acknowledge your acceptance of the:
  • Request Form as well as the Hospitality Offline Sales Regulations
  • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Ticket Terms of Use
  • Stadium Code of Conduct (subject to availability from FIFA. Please refer to Section 1.3 of the Offline Hospitality Sales Regulations)
  • Product Description

*Kindly note that you must download and save the Request Form PDF on your PC before you will be able to edit it and place an order. The PDF can only be viewed online. Should you still encounter any issues, you may indicate which sessions you wish to purchase as well as the quantity by hand.

When completing and retuning your Request Form, please take note of the following:

  1. All forms and correspondence must be directed to for processing.
  2. Selected number of Hospitality Packages and personal information on the last page must be clearly visible in order to process your request.
  3. All Hospitality Packages are subject to availability at the time of purchase.
  4. Please be sure to read the payment terms which are detailed on the last page of the Request Form.

Once your correctly completed Request Form has been received, subject to availability and internal approval, you will receive the following: 

  1. Confirmation of Purchase detailing the Hospitality Packages purchased. 
  2. The corresponding invoice with our banking details so payment can be made by either bank transfer or accepted payment card in your online account (Visa).

Should you also wish to reserve accommodation please visit your online account. You may also view our accommodation FAQs, or contact the MATCH Hospitality Customer Service team at