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In the event that the FIFA World Women's World Cup 2023™ is canceled, fans who have already purchased Official Hospitality Packages for the tournament via MATCH Hospitality will receive a refund equal to the value of the original purchase price. Please refer to clause 15.3 of our Hospitality Webshop Sales Regulations and Hospitality Offline Sales Regulations for more information.

Safety Management System

MATCH Hospitality works with our suppliers to maintain and improve safety standards where necessary, by seeking good practice in health and safety to ensure that our accommodation, travel and services are trouble free. We do however also ask that you take extra care, use your common sense as well as refer to notices and follow any safety advice provided locally too.

The following are some generic important tips relating to health and safety:



  1. Ensure you have appropriate insurance for your destination and that it covers any activity you intend to undertake.
  2. Check when participating in any activities that they have public liability insurance and have good safety standards.
  3. Any accident or injury should be reported immediately to the supplier and a report obtained for insurance purposes.


  1. Check with your doctor to ensure any vaccinations, or health checks are up-to-date or administered.
  2. Check with your doctor regarding any pre-existing conditions and ensure you carry appropriate medications, and copies of any prescriptions.


  1. Ensure your passport is valid for the period of travel and any visa requirements have been met.
  2. Take copies of itineraries, passports, and travel papers in case the originals become lost.



  1. Only use licensed taxis and transport services.
  2. Wear seat belts where provided, and whenever possible sit in the rear seats.
  3. If travelling with minors, consider taking booster seats.
  4. Ensure drivers adhere to safe speed limits

Personal Safety

  1. Avoid walking in poorly lit areas.
  2. Be aware, stay away from situations where you do not feel comfortable.
  3. Avoid carrying too much money and/or valuables.
  4. Use of a money belt is encouraged at all times.
  5. Ensure your room is left secure when you go out.
  6. Place all valuables in a safety deposit box, where available or with reception.
  7. Never leave windows or balcony doors open.
  8. Ensure your main luggage can be locked when left unattended in rooms, luggage rooms etc.
  9. Do not take any valuable jewellery with you.
  10. Please listen to any specific advice from your local agent/representative/supplier.

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